Advertising Strategies

Advertising strategies are game plans, itineraries, or roadmaps to advance your businesses. It breaks down into a few components. Knowledge of the market, which is understanding the vertical your business is in, and the fluctuations of demand within that space.


We help companies create or evolve their brands into experiences that make a lasting impression. Our strategies are designed to tell your story, with your brand’s voice, to the people who matter most to you: your customers. Branding Strategy workshops are a great way to identify your company’s brand strengths and leverage that message for success.


Television, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Digital, Website Design, Social Media.

Media Plans

Television, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Digital, Website Design, Social Media.


Our goal is simple: our goal is your goal. To sell more product, create a brand, or enhance a cause, we are the right agency for you.


Our marketing experts have decades of experience in the use of Scarborough Research tools, and Dark Horse Media is among a handful of agencies that invests in STRATA-licensed buying software. We do this to provide our clients with the advantage of having the most current research information in the market. We  also have the opportunity to add our clients to the database questionnaire semiannually. For those in the database, we acquire research insights that are updated every six months, and can tell us:

  • Our client’s top-of-mind awareness and / or market share
  • A snapshot profile of our client’s customer base
  • How often our client’s customers do business with the competition, and where the crossover lies
  • What our client’s top customers watch on TV, by program, digital and social media habits, radio preferences, by daypart, read by publication and / or section, and how often
  • Zip Codes they live in, streets they travel most, stores they frequent and basics like age, sex, income, family size, homeownership, employment and education
  • We also research all of the above about our clients’ competition!


Once your campaign is approved, we’ll execute and provide comprehensive tracing through detailed invoicing and results. Dark Horse Media will execute your next media campaign with comprehensive accuracy.