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YouTube Advertisers Increase Spend as Usage Grows

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YouTube Advertisers Increase Spend as Usage Grows

As YouTube use among 18-49 year olds grows, advertisers increase their spend…not only is use of YouTube up, but the time spent on YouTube is growing, too. In Southern Arizona, the YouTube user profile we’ve pulled using Scarborough Research Data shows similar demographics to the national reports, with two-thirds of users in the 18-44 range, with a male skew. This young male target can be very hard to reach, which is why we build YouTube preroll ad placements into our clients plans when targeting young men. When cable use is viewed amongst YouTube users in Southern Arizona, cable use is only 37.3%, as YouTube’s audience tends to be more of a zero TV, or at least, non-cable subscriber household.

With 2 billion video views per week, YouTube is a force to be reckoned with. Add to this Cisco’s estimate that 55% of all global online traffic will be video traffic in 2016. Yet only about 24% of national brands are using online video to market to consumers.

At Dark Horse Media, we are strong proponents of online video for marketing to the consumer. The younger the target demographic, the more important online video marketing becomes.

View the Tucson DMA YouTube user profile: YouTube User Profile SAZ

Read the AdWeek story:http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/youtubes-top-advertisers-increased-their-spending-60-percent-q2-165943

This article was written by danohawk