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Top Websites Used in the Tucson DMA

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Top Websites Used in the Tucson DMA

Using Scarborough Research data, we’ve compiled all reported national + local websites and looked at how they rank with a generalized demo of Persons 18+ in the Tucson DMA, looking at past month website use. Not surprisingly, Google dominates at 64% followed by Facebook (55%). YouTube, Amazon and Netflix follow. The first local websites to appear are Tucson.com (aka AZ Starnet) at 17.8%, followed by KVOA.com, Cox.com and TucsonNewsNow (KOLD’s site).

When it comes to streaming content, Netflix dominates video content streaming with 29.4% use, whereas about 25% use Pandora for music streaming. Competitors like Hulu (7.8%) and iHeart streaming (8.5%) have some market share to capture. Use of Instagram and Twitter in Tucson lag the nation: Instagram boasts only 11% use in Tucson versus an estimated 20% nationally. Twitter use in Tucson is only 9.2% versus 23% nationwide.

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Tucson Website Use Ranker-Qualitap 2015 R1

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