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Super Bowl Ad Winners and What It Means To Us

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Super Bowl Ad Winners.
Every Super Bowl, the advertising year is launched for those of us in the business, with the Super Bowl ads. USA Today’s overnight ad meter tells us, with lightning speed, which nationally-placed ads won the hearts and votes of America. To me, the winners and losers speak volumes, and tell us all about the pulse and mindset of America. They answer the question – what are the consumers’ hot buttons this year? How can we best speak to viewers and listeners right now? What are they responding to?


This year delivered the most fulfilling answer we’ve seen in a long time. Three of the top five ads were emotional, patriotic and centered around hard work and dedication that pays off in the important ways (not McMansions, superficial beauty or material possessions, but in family bonds, leaving things better than we found them and building a supportive community).


America voted for commercials that portrayed:

  1. Budweiser / Brotherhood (#1): About a bond between the man who raised a Clydesdale from birth, and how that bond stood the test of time.
  2. Dodge Ram / Farmer (#3): An ode to hard work, love of family and love of what you do.
  3. Jeep: Whole Again (#5): An ode to our servicemen and women, and the families and country who love them and await their return.


Even  ads #2 and #4 had an emotional edge, even though they made us laugh: (#2) Tide: Miracle Stain – our hero worship, team loyalties and passion about our sports heroes and football in general. (#4) Doritos: Fashionista Daddy – everything in this ad goes is built around fun with family and friends.


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In past years, we’ve sometimes seen Ad Meters dominated by silliness, materialism and downright meanness. At a time of relative economic uncertainty and political divisions, the consumer mood proved to be surprisingly introspective.


The mood of America tells me that it’s safe to wear our hearts on our sleeves a bit in our marketing messaging this year. We can focus on the bigger picture and we won’t be scoffed at for being too warm and fuzzy.


America’s votes surprised me this year and I couldn’t be more proud of where we are.

This article was written by danohawk