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Pima County moves on economic development plan

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Pima County moves on economic development plan

Pima County moves on economic development plan. The Pima County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor a plan to spend as much as $197 million on economic development.

The vote on Tuesday (Nov. 13) approves a proposal, that later would require voter approval, to sell municipal bonds to fund infrastructure improvements designed to attract and retain area employers.

The plan was forwarded to the county’s Bond Advisory Committee for additional review and to act on supervisors’ requests to include funding for a rural area economic development component and possible improvements in urban and downtown neighborhoods.

The bulk of the plan, $90 million, would fund the construction of an east-west corridor south of Tucson International Airport. The new road would help facilitate commercial growth of the region.

The plan also would put $37 million into regional museums and tourist attractions as a way to improve the tourism sector.

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