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Wild Country 97.1 FM Tucson -format flip on 2/14/13

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Wild Country 97.1 FM Tucson -format flip on 2/14/13

Wild Country 97.1 FM-format flip
Clear Channel Media and Entertainment in Tucson flipped their 97.1 news-talk KNST station to “Wild Country 97.1” February 14th at 12 noon. A Class A license, the signal is strongest on Tucson’s East side, South side and in Vail, where Arbitron diaries show KIIM’s most loyal fan base to reside. Targeting a young country demographic, CCME expects non-traditional listening (iheart / streaming) to comprise a significant portion of the listening base. Additionally, the group does not have to give up any current formats or revenue streams, as KNST still lives on, at the traditional 790AM position (the 97.1FM was a simulcast of 790AM).

Listen to the new Wild Country 971 online: http://www.iheart.com/#/live/69/?autoplay=true


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Janessa MaldonadoMarch 3, 2013 at 4:55 pmReply

I just wanted to thank you for creating 97.1 WILD! I absolutely love it and I was desperate for a new country station in Tucson. Thanks again!
Now loyal WILD listener,