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Services. Dark Horse Media. Dark Horse Media is a full service advertising agency. Our client-centric approach involves ROI-oriented campaigns. Founding partners Linda and Julie bring over 56 years combined experience to their clients in the following areas:

Our Services

Branding and Creative Development

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We recommend a creative and positioning strategy after learning and evaluating:

  • Your company’s goals and philosophy
  • The products and services your company wants to promote
  • The competition’s positions within your category
  • Opportunities in the marketplace

From this strategy, all creative is developed; branding consistency across all media is maintained while driving inquiries, sales or awareness (depending upon key goals).

Marketing Research

DHM Scarb Report Sample-IQPOur marketing experts have decades of experience in the use of Scarborough Research tools, and Dark Horse Media invests in this licensed software on an ongoing basis to provide our clients with the advantage of having the best research information in the market.  We are also given the opportunity to add our clients to the database questionnaire semiannually. For those in the database, we acquire research insights that are updated every six months, and can tell us:

  • Our client’s top of mind awareness and / or market share
  • A snapshot profile of our client’s customer base
  • How often our client’s customers do business with the competition, and where the crossover lies
  • What our client’s top customers watch on TV by program, listen to on radio by daypart, read in publication and / or section, and how often, zip codes they live in, streets they travel most, stores they frequent and basics like age, sex, income, family size, home ownership, employment and education.
  • We also research all of the above, but about our clients’ competition!
  • The list goes on and on.


DHM Scarb Report Samples-RankersEven if clients are not specifically in the database, we can still create demographic groups and determine all of the above. For example, for a plumbing company whose best customer owns their home, and has been in that home for ten or more years, we can pull all of the above information about homeowners in Southern Arizona who have lived in that home for ten or more years.

DHM Scarb Report Sample-Comp Share

Marketing / Media Plans
  • DHM Flowchart SampleA customized marketing plan with a media flowchart is developed specifically for you.
  • The plan outlines a marketing strategy, incorporating seasonality, event timing, product launches, sales periods, competitive activity and other factors specific to your business.
  • Your flowchart consists of a thorough media plan, reflecting on-air weeks and media weights, weekly, monthly and quarterly budgets, thematic and impact information.
  • DHM Client Calendar SampleAt-a-glance media calendars are included with the approved planning; this is an easily shared reference piece for staffing and quick reference purposes that our clients really appreciate.
Creation of Advertising Materials

We produce all marketing materials, including:

  • Linda at Rosemont ShootTelevision spots – from the script to the final commercial, the objective is to deliver results.
  • Radio spots – we write the script to your approval, then oversee production at low cost, but with some of the best voice talent in the nation.
  • Web / digital – from websites to internet ads, social media and digital campaigns, we keep our clients on the cutting edge.
  • Print ads – designed to correlate with your brand; results-oriented, eye-pleasing and eye-catching.
  • Outdoor –succinct and impactful layouts that are memorable and clear.
  • Addy-logo-for-websiteDark Horse Media’s creative awards span television spots, collateral materials, web and print design.
  • We take pride in high quality production at the lowest costs possible; all content is designed to drive results while branding with consistency.
  • Our tried-and-true production systems and expert staff mean production that is on time, error-free, on budget.
  • Breakers shootTraffic and production coordination expertise means that your spots and airing instructions are precise and organized.
Media Buying
  • As Southern Arizona’s largest-volume media buyer, we pass our high-volume rates on to all clients.
  • Unsurpassed experience: over $200 million negotiated and placed in Southern Arizona since 1990.
  • DHM Scarb Report Sample-Print ShareFormally trained media buyers, trained in New York with Pepsi; subsequently selected to train other buyers for Pepsi from around the country.
  • Every media plan and buy includes lifestyle / behavior research data specific to our market and your category: We research what your target market watches, listens to, reads, drives, where they shop and more. Then we apply that information to your media selections.
  • Resulting media schedules are not only demographically targeted, but psychographically targeted based on segment behaviors and purchasing tendencies (well beyond traditional, broad age/sex demos).
  • Added value is leveraged with our buying power, including bonus weight, promotions and/ or earned media (depending upon your priorities and goals).

DHM TV Buy Sample DHM Radio Buy Sample

Other Marketing Support

TFCU Grand Opening EventWhen it comes to our clients’ campaigns, we go above and beyond to ensure success. We have experience in almost every conceivable form of marketing support, and make these available as optional added services to existing client campaigns. A partial list includes:

  • Event management, coordination and support.
  • Event participation support, such as floats in a parade or booths at an event.
  • Public relations in association with an existing campaign or media-supported event (we only provide PR in conjunction with media campaigns for our existing clients).
  • Linda with LuteSocial media postings about the campaign, or for ongoing market communication.
  • Interview acquisition and coordination in association with a media campaign or existing client.
  • News coverage and / or anchor interface for special events or opportunities.
  • Local celebrity tie-ins, sports figures, talent acquisition and endorsements.
  • On-site, POP materials supporting an event, trade show or marketing campaign (these have included everything from banners, table tents, outdoor tents, cardboard cutouts, character actors, 40’ inflatables, blimps, skytracker / spotlights, food vendors and more).
  • Photography for campaign content, press, collateral, staffing announcements, facilities changes and website content.
  • New product introductions through on-air personalities, online video, local celebrity Facebook posts with photos and / or video.
  • Fundraisers with check presentations.
  • Phone banks / telethons with media dedicating the airwaves to an entire day of awareness and fundraising.