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Dark Horse Media was incorporated in 1996 by Linda Fahey whose years of marketing experience led her to the conclusion that she could deliver better ad campaigns that drive results, without costing the client a small fortune. Client success has led to company growth – we put our clients first, and the rest just follows.

Linda Fahey- President

Experience: Over 30 years of marketing and media experience Specialty: Linda’s insights have helped hundreds of companies strategically position themselves, and back up that position through their marketing campaigns. As the liaison between your company and the agency, Linda is a hard worker who is available to you for meetings, brainstorming and problem-solving. She does it all well…and manages to be a mom and a competitive cyclist in between when not working 24/7. Founding Dark Horse Media in 1996, Linda is a dedicated professional who puts client success first.

Favorite Thing About What I Do: Experiencing that moment when the client can’t believe how busy they are due to the campaign’s success.



Squirrel Rippley- Production Coordinator

SquirrelExperience: Squirrel brought her colorful personality and high energy to Dark Horse Media over twelve years ago. She has an extraordinary mind for details, which makes her a highly effective production coordinator, dealing with the ordering and management of creative materials, deadlines and traffic. Quiz her about a spot title from five years ago and be amazed.

Favorite Thing About What I Do: The people; I interface with the clients and the creative team to generate incredible ads for television, radio, print, billboards and internet.


Sara Sacks- Media Buyer

Experience: Over 30 years of media planning and buying experience

Specialty: Sara is a seasoned veteran marketing professional. She has helped hundreds of businesses grow through strategic media planning and buying. Sara is a collaborative team member and a tough negotiator. Sara has insightful understanding of the media landscape. When not busy negotiating the best rates possible, Sara is a mom, and has a small ranch with several rescue horses, and is currently a foster-to-adopt mom to a wild dog.

Favorite Thing about What I Do: Translating ads from English to Spanish is my favorite thing to do, I also love it when I submit PR articles and our client gets great coverage.

Odette Felix- Digital and Social Media Manager

odetteExperience: Odette assists in media buying processes, traffic, make good management and press release materials. In all likelihood, Odette is first person you speak when you call our office. She is also fluent in both English and Spanish, a boon for bilingual campaigns and proofing in dual languages.

Favorite Thing about What I Do: Translating ads from English to Spanish is my favorite thing to do, I also love it when I submit PR articles and our client gets great coverage.



Traci Gates- Business Manager

Experience: Traci is an astute accounting professional with 20+ years experience. Traci’s career has always involved customer service and client relations. In addition to holding a Bachelor of Science (Accounting) degree, Traci is also certified in business, human resources and marketing. A team player who always goes above and beyond to get the job done, Traci’s strengths include her strong work ethic, attention to detail, and her communication skills.

Favorite Thing About What I Do: It’s a great environment. My co-workers and owners are social, knowledgeable and caring. I’m learning all the time, from the best people in the industry. The people who work with me believe in our mission so our work, together, is fun and effective.

Renee Ulloa- Creative Director
Experience: Renee has 15 years of experience in graphic design with publications, manufacturers and advertising agencies. Her creative expertise and attention to detail are what makes her one of Tucson’s finest designers and a great addition to the Dark Horse team.

Favorite Thing About What I Do: I love to design great ads and graphics for our clients- and to hear how they impacted their business